Best Mattress Pads Info in 2018!

What is a Mattress Pad?

A mattress pad or a mattress topper is a type of layering material that is placed on top of our bed’s mattresses (usually with fitted sheets) to increase cushioning as well as providing protection to our mattresses at the same time. Typically, a mattress pad is added to protect mattresses form accidental spills and other forms of mess which can cause stains and can potentially decrease the mattress’ longevity. Other than that, it is usually added to provide another soft layer between the user and the mattress (since some mattresses are not that comfortable to sleep with).

Bed with Mattress Pad

Mattress pads are made from various materials such as cotton, foam, polyester, and other smooth fabrics which are comfortable enough to sleep on. Some modern types also make use of memory foam to provide additional support to the person’s body upon sleeping and prevent any strains which are often cause by improper positioning of the body during sleep. Moreover, visco-elastic foams are also added to hospital beds and other medical institutions to relieve any pressure-related pains caused by lying over long periods of time.

Overall, the main purpose of adding a mattress pad is provide utmost comfort and cushioning to make the person feel “weightless” and conditioning the body to a deep slumber.

Types of Mattress Pads

Mattress pads are made in different types to accommodate the needs of every individual. In other words, these pads are created for a specific purpose. Here are the most popular mattress pads being used today:

Electric (Heated Type)

This pad uses electrical power to head up the pad and provide warmth to the person. Basically, it follows the same concept as the electric blanket but the only difference is the user is heated from below. Electric pads are often heated before use (pre-heated), but there are some people who prefer to sleep with it while turned on.  You can see a LOT more about these at The Electric Blanket Institute.

heated mattress pad

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Egg Crate

This pad is named as such because it literally looks like an egg crate. The design of the foam provides a softer layer when placed over a tough mattress. A person who is experiencing arthritic pain can also find relief when sleeping with this pad because of its therapeutic abilities. It’s also effective when paired with egg crate foam pillows.

egg crate mattress pad

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This type of pad is perfect for people who have kids at home especially, toddlers. In this stage, kids are often seen jumping on mattresses and peeing on it during night time. So it’s better to use these pads as latex can protect the mattresses from unwanted stains (pen, pee, poop, etc.) and keeps the mattress free from smelly odor at the same time.  I think the Sleepopolis article does a really nice job explaining the uses of latex in mattresses.

Latex mattress pad

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Memory Foam

This type of pad is specifically designed to contour the shape of the person’s body to provide optimum support during sleep and displace any undue pressure from all over the body. Memory foam pads are usually 3 inches thick and can perform better with memory foam pillows.  For more on the history, etc, of memory foam you can check out the Wikipedia page.  Turns out that memory foam was invented by NASA… who knew?

One sub-type of memory foam mattress pad is the bamboo mattress pad and mattress pad protector.  This can mean one of two things: either the fabric material covering the mattress pad is made of viscose from bamboo fabric OR the memory foam itself is infused with bamboo charcoal.  (Bamboo charcoal is made by burning bamboo and then mixing the resulting charcoal and ash into the memory foam during the manufacturing process.)  You can find out LOTS more about bamboo bedding products at other places.

Bamboo in a forest. From which we get bamboo sheets and pillows

One particular website that we found useful in our research was They have bamboo mattress reviews. It also has bamboo pillow reviews (here) and bamboo sheet reviews (here). You should check it out if you want to know more about those items since we’re experts on mattress pads here at MattressPadsInfo, but not as much experts on bamboo mattress toppers.


This type of pad employs the use of magnetic technology as emitted by disc-shaped ceramic magnets. Magnetic pads are ideal for individuals who are suffering from insomnia, arthritis, and other forms of bodily pain because of the therapeutic effect it brings every time a person lies on it.  Some examples can be found on Amazon.

magnetic mattress pad

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Sometimes called ‘feathered pads’, this type of pad is best used to make the bed feel warm and cozy.  The Company Store has a nice selection of wool mattress pads.

wool mattress pad

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Difference Between a Mattress Protector and a Mattress Pad

Some people think that Mattress Pads and Mattress Protector are just the same. But in reality, they are 2 entirely different products with different functions. Unlike a mattress pad, a mattress protector is thinner, less absorbent, and is not necessarily comfortable to sleep with. And though they are both built for protecting our mattresses, a mattress pad is also designed to provide comfort for the user while the mattress protector is focused plainly on the protection aspect (less on the cushioning aspect) particularly, on the prevention of dust mites, bed bugs, and other irritants from infecting your sleeping place.

Mattress Pad vs Mattress Protector

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Another feature that is found only in mattress protector is that they are designed to snug around the mattress with ease. That’s why they are made according the standard dimensions of mattresses in use today. Moreover, they are made with vinyl or plastic fabrics which can cause noise every time you turn around during sleep.

Benefits of a Mattress Pad

Here are some of the advantages you can get when you add a mattress pad into your mattress today:

Super absorbent quality – Mattress pads are made to handle excessive amounts of moisture that can occur anytime as a result of increased sweating and accidental spills (coffee, juice, water, etc.). The thick composition of the pad allows the moisture to seep into the material and keep the surface dry (of course, you have to allow the pad to “breathe out” the moisture over time).

Benefits of a Mattress Pad

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Provides optimal comfort – Mattresses are not made soft. Hence, they are not that ideal to sleep with as is because it this will only lead to back pains and countless nights of sleeplessness. Having a mattress pad will add an additional layer of cushion to reduce the amount of pressure felt and eventually help the body to feel at ease in preparation for a better sleep.

Shields any unwanted odor – Obviously, no one would want to sleep on a bed that is stingy or has a funny smell. And though no matter how hard we try to prevent our beds from producing foul smell, accidents does happen which can result to putrid pee scent, disgusting smell of poop, stench caused by sweat, and a lot more. Having a mattress pad will prevent all of these odors as it is designed to eliminate these odors and keep your beds smelling fresh all the time.

Stain protection – Mattress pads are the ultimate protection for keeping your mattress stain free and clean looking, making it an enticing place to sleep in whenever you need to take a rest.

Mattress Pad Reviews and Recommendations

Here are some of the mattress pads products we can recommend you to check out:

1. 2.5” Lucid by LinenSpa Gel Infused Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Removable Bamboo Cover 3-Year Warranty – Definitely one of the best products we have here, the quality of this mattress pad is unlike any other conventional mattress pads you can find on the market today. The 2.5 inch thick of gel infused memory foam is ideal for providing the best comfort feel to help you sleep soundly through the night. What’s more is that the material is able to distribute heat evenly to help you feel warm and cozy as you take your beauty rest.

Another feature of the memory foam gel that is being used in this product is the open cell construction which enables the foam to be more resilient to any kind of pressure while maintaining the doughy consistency that is perfect for sleeping conditions. Aside from that, it also allows the foam to circulate the air inside and prevent any moisture from being trapped even if you are going to lie down in bed for longer periods.

What’s even better is that is product is on sale today with 3 year warranty included! So don’t miss out on having this fine mattress topper today.

2. American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Crib & Toddler Crib Size Fitted Mattress Pad Covers, Natural – This product is perfect for individuals who are happily raising a toddler in their homes. The pad is designed to fit most of the cribs being used today and it’s guaranteed to help your baby sleep comfortably all night.

The American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Crib & Toddler Crib Size Fitted Mattress Pad is made of 100% organic cotton interlock on top then followed by 9” thick breathable polyester fabric on the middle and breathable waterproof polyester fabric at the bottom. The entire cover is measured 28” by 52” and it ideal for mattresses up to 6 inch thick.

What’s great about this product is of course, the ability to prevent any moisture from penetrating your bed’s mattress. And if your baby accidentally wet the pad over the course of his sleep, rest assured no funny or stingy smell will be retained.

Moreover, this product is also machine wash friendly. All you need is some mild detergent and set your washer into the gentle cycle setting and that’s it. Just make sure to wash the item with cold water (use non chlorine bleach if needed) and soon it will be as good as new.

3. Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen – It’s no secret that memory foam provides a fine sleeping place anytime you like to take a rest. But your sleeping experience will definitely change for the better once you have this in your bedroom.

The memory foam used in the Best Price Mattress Pad is capable of regulating the temperature of the body. Aside from that, this also includes a responsive active suspension feature which allows you to isolate your motion to your area of the bed and prevent your partner from being disturbed.

Once you lie down, the tough surface of the memory foam will begin to react with your body’s temperature and then slowly mold into the shape of your body to provide even support while eliminating pressure points at the same time.

Here’s what you get when you order this product today:

– Deeper and better sleep

– Responsive Active Suspension feature

– Mesh zippered cover made of polyester

-5 years warranty (By far, one of the most amazing benefits you can get as other mattress pad products usually offer up to 3 years of warranty only).

So if you’re tired of tossing and turning just because you can’t find that right position during sleep, then maybe it’s time to order the Best Price Mattress Pad and sleep the way you are meant to be.

4. Cooling Mattress Pad – King Feel Cooler Mattress Pad – 30 Day Return Guarantee – Feel Cooler is one of the best in the business when it comes to mattress toppers. In fact, this product is being featured in “The Doctors” TV show in CBS and in one of the issues of Reader’s Digest.

The Cooling Mattress Pad comes with a temperature regulating material which interacts positively to the body temperature once it touches the skin. In other words, this product has the ability to absorb or release heat whenever needed to help the user sleep comfortably. So no more waking up in the middle of the night just because you feel hot because the Cooler Mattress Pad will guarantee to absorb all the heat away to help cool you off.

Here are some of the awesome features you can get when you order this product:

– King Size Pad (78” x 80”)

– Fits all mattresses up to 20” thick

– Deep Pockets

– Filled with 100% polyester fabric

– 30-day return guarantee (Customers are given a leeway period to try out the product for 30 days. And if you don’t like it, you will receive a full refund upon return of the product. No questions asked).